Event 29 is a Louisville, KY based wedding decorating and design studio founded by Gabrielle Green. We specialize in helping artists, creatives and other free spirits make beautiful, fun events happen. Through our design and decorating services we give your visions clarity and direction, and lead the creative teams to bring your dreams to life.



Event 29 is all about celebrating the beauty of your ever-changing journey. We hope to empower our clients to savor the moments of love that will become the memories that last a lifetime.


Inspire Creativity & Adventure

Create Fun

Express Authentically

Learn New Skills & Teach Others

Deliver Insanely Good Service

Pursue Investments that Lead to Growth

Challenge Old Ways of Thinking

Be Mindful & Responsible


Gabrielle Green | Founder, Creative Director

Gabrielle is the creative mind behind Event 29. She was put on earth to make things beautiful, come up with ideas and tell stories. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and has worked in the events industry for over 4 years. Her favorite things are getting things done, good conversation, and cats. She also loves adventure, Airstreams, and Wes Anderson movies.

Katie Wendt | Production Coordinator

As the logic behind Event 29, Katie make ideas happen seamlessly. Katie's an organizer, scheduler, coordinator, and practical thinker with an inappropriate sense of humor. She has expertise in event coordination, project management, and office management. Recent accomplishments have included Tour Coordinator for Budweiser Made in America Tour and Office Management for video production agency, Banner Collective. She loves dogs and her fiancé, Tim.

Maggie | Production Assistant, Calligrapher

Maggie is a dedicated assistant and aspiring jane-of-all-trades who makes things happen. She's quick on her feet and loves being on on-site at events to do everything from setup and styling, to running last minute errands. As a talented calligrapher, she makes custom signs for our events and her Etsy shop. She loves travel, family, and beer.


 Gabrielle Green, event designer & stylist   Photo by  Erin Trimble Photography

Gabrielle Green, event designer & stylist

Photo by Erin Trimble Photography

I’m Gabrielle, the founder and creative director behind Event 29.

In 2006 I graduated from the University of Louisville with a Bachelor of Fine Arts, but too much dreaming and not enough direction lead me through a string of uninspiring jobs that ignored my greatest strengths and left me creatively stifled. By the end of 2010 I was beginning to realize that in order to live a life I loved I had to design it, so took inventory of all my strengths and passions, and this is what I uncovered:

I’ve had a lifelong love affair with art and aesthetics, and I believe that I was put on this earth to make everything I touch look amazing. I’m a bold and confident dreamer who spends most of her time coming up with ideas and then figuring out how to make them happen. I’m a laid-back spiritual soul who finds magic in everything. I’m a storyteller who collects unique love stories. All I really care about is connecting with people, having fun, new experiences, and good design. In the end, it became clear that I was made to help people celebrate their love stories in beautiful style. I created a strategy to make it happen. 

I left my job in early 2011, and immediately immersed myself in the event industry. First, by assisting event managers on over 60 events in 3 weeks at the Kentucky Derby Festival, and then by working on weddings for months as an events intern at the Frazier History Museum. Between internships, I designed a line of wedding decorations that was so well-received that creating custom designs for brides and wedding planners around the world became a full-time business. After my internships were over I focused on my event decor shop, and worked on weddings and events as freelance event planner and designer for 3 years. During that time I also took classes and built relationships with established event professionals and emerging designers. Finally, in mid 2014 after many encouraging experiences including having my work featured in several prestigious wedding publications like Style Me Pretty, Ruffled, and Philadelphia Wedding Magazine I came to the bittersweet conclusion that it was time to close my event decor shop to focus entirely on working with brides to design their dream weddings. Event 29 was born, and I feel so incredibly blessed to to finally being live the life I designed!