These Bridal Shower Centerpieces Make Us Smile

So, I just finished putting together these centerpieces, and they are so damn cheery and happy I had to show them to you ASAP. Yellow is my happy color, and I hope this little Friday bonus post puts a smile on your face as well! 

(DIY details below)

Bridal shower centerpieces with gerbera daisies, spider mums, and lemon slices on Showerbelle.

DIY Details

I made 10 of these today for a client, so I didn't actually have time to take pictures for the tutorial (sorry!). I did put together a few details for you, so if you want to try to make these for a shower you're hosting or Mother's Day you can give it a try.

I used 7.25" tall cylinder vases.

Per vase I used:

  • 3 white gerbera daisies
  • 2 yellow gerbera daisies
  • 3 white spider mums
  • 2 lemons (sliced)

I put slightly smaller containers inside of my cylinder vases to keep my lemons separate from my flowers. Then, I added water and went to work. 

  1. I started by taking the leaves off the spider mums, and then I cut the stems so that the flowers sat just at the rim of my vase. 
  2. Next, I added my yellow daisies at the same height. 
  3. Then, I cut 2 white daises about .25" longer than my yellow daisies and placed them towards the center of my arrangement.
  4. I cut the last white daisy to be just slightly longer and put it in the very middle.

The centerpieces were nice and full, and I think they had a good shape like this. But I don't think there's only one way to do it. Have some fun with it, and let me know how it goes!


Bridal shower centerpieces on Showerbelle with tutorial. #bridal #shower #centerpiece #daisy #lemonslices #mums

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