Our Favorite 2016 Wedding Trends

We're not traditionalists, so we relish any opportunity to put a twist on fresh ideas in the wedding industry and customize them to our clients. There are so many new trends this year, but these are the ones that we're most looking forward to in 2016:

2016 wedding trends.jpg


 Photo by   Angga Permana

Photo by  Angga Permana

Weddings are becoming more intimate and relaxed, and we're loving it! Our clients are trading traditional chiavari chairs for chic ghost chairs. This trend is so versatile because it works for many different styles of weddings. We're so into ghost chairs that we're actually adding them to our inventory, and will be offering them as rentals later this year!


 Photo by  Joielala

Photo by Joielala

Macramé is a form of knot tying that gained popularity in the 70s, but it's actually been around thousands of years. This trend is making a comeback in the form of ceremony markers, wall hangings, plant hangers, and table runners. First, we love this look because macramé is the art of knot tying, and you're tying the knot. How's that for symbolism? But we're also really looking forward to doing more boho and minimalist weddings this year, and we think that macramé is a really organic and simple way to decorate.


 Table runner from  All4partytime

Table runner from All4partytime

Our production coordinator, Katie, is OBSESSED with rose gold, and it's not very hard to see why. Rose gold is like the metallic version of blush - warm and soft, and completely gorgeous. The Rose Gold Rush, as we've just decided to call it,  can be see in everything from sequined table runners to engagement rings. We're also really into rose gold globe pendant lights, and we're hoping this trend will take over chandeliers this year.


You know what's really cool? When you go to a wedding and the bride and groom are like "Here's a bunch of candy. Eat as much as you want, in fact take some home." And you're like "What? Is this for real?" And then just tears of joy. That's a real thing that happens more and more thanks to couples who are serving sweets in addition to or in place of a traditional wedding cake. All of the weddings that we did in 2015 had some form of sweets table or candy buffet, and we are more than happy to see this taking off with our clients in the new year. 

The video above is of a candy buffet I set up in December. Videography by Ashton Hendrich


We get bored with blah wedding gowns and bridesmaids dresses, and we long for trends that make ladies look like anything other than vanilla cupcakes. That's why we adore floral prints! There's something very daring, fun, and laid back about a bride in a floral print, and those are our kinds of weddings! This trend is definitely takes a sense of adventure, but it's totally worth stepping out to have a wedding gown that is as unique as you are.


 Penelope Wedding Suite by  Megan Wright Design Co .

Penelope Wedding Suite by Megan Wright Design Co.

Blush is not new to the scene this year, in fact, it's a trend that's been popular with our clients for quiet some time. We predict that pastel pinks will keep going strong this year with Pantone naming Rose Quartz one of the colors of the year. We have nothing but good things to say about this pretty color, but we do like to switch it up by balancing it with more masculine hues from time to time.


Again, we're really into the idea of putting a new spin on bridal gowns, and that's why we're big fans of bridal separates. They're elegant, yet slightly more fun and relaxed. Plus, you can mix and match to create the "gown" of your dreams.

Love em' or hate em'? We want to know: what's your favorite 2016 wedding trend? Leave a comment below, and let us know now!