ASK EVENT 29: Under the Sea Bridal Shower Ideas

Hi there!

I'm new to your site and I was wondering if you had (or will have) any tips or advice about an Under the Sea/Mermaid themed bridal shower. I am the Maid of Honor for my sister's wedding and she loves The Little Mermaid and our beach house. So naturally, that's the theme for the party. My goal is to try to do a more elegant version of this theme....I don't want it to look kiddie or cheesy. 

Also, I'm having a hard time deciding on a menu for the party. I am a recent college grad and I want to give my sister a nice party, but I don't want it to get out of hand. Is it ok to have all desserts at the party, or would you recommend a simple brunch or appetizer menu?

Thank you!!


Gabrielle Green of Event 29 explains how to create an Under the Sea bridal shower that doesn't look like a children's party.

Hi Kate, 

Welcome to our site, and thanks for your question! First of all, I love The Little Mermaid - it's my favorite Disney movie - and I love the idea of making the bridal shower about your sister's favorite things. I see your concern with a theme like this becoming very cheesy or childish. Here's my advice for you:

Don't Be So Literal

To keep your sister's bridal shower from looking like a children's party, avoid literal interpretations like plastering waves, seashells, mermaids, and fish on everything, and instead use those things as inspiration. 


Naturally, cool tones like blues and aquas come to mind when you think of the sea, so use that as a starting point, and then complement those colors with pinks and gold, maybe even throw in a few pops of yellow. 


Drawing on the inspiration of shells and mermaids use pearl accents like the macarons in the mood board that look like oysters. Rather than using actual imagery of mermaids, use teal sequined table runners. They're super fun, and a little classy.

Invitations and Paper Goods

To add a little elegance and whimsy and set the mood for the bridal shower, use a pretty script font surrounded by ornate frames on the invitations. Use the same font and matching frames and flourishes for things like the food labels and place cards.

Final Touches

Fresh flowers are my finishing touch. Save your money, and avoid buying things like streamers and themed plates and napkins - white are just fine, and splurge on fresh flowers. Have a florist arrange centerpieces using the colors in your palette. And finally, for truly magical guest tables, you can't go wrong with gold mercury glass votives on a sequined table runner!


I love the idea of a dessert party, just make sure to indicate that on the invitations so your guests know what to expect!

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MOOD BOARD: The Eclectic Fairytale

I'm actually doing the design and decor for our Production Coordinator, Katie's wedding, and I have to say that I feel very intimidated by the process because 1) I know her and 2) her fiancé, Tim, is actually a very talented industrial designer. I think that's why I created 4 mood boards for them instead of my usual 3. Because I wanted to impress them.

This was the first mood board that I presented them with. It incorporates a lot of the essential elements that are the most important to the couple. It also incorporates orange because they're getting married in a venue that is predominately orange. It sounds awful, but trust me, it's very cool. So rose gold and blush happen to be Katie's two favorite things and when you combine those things the results tend to be very soft and romantic. I kind of like that. But then you also have Tim who mentioned that he likes denim blues and the clean lines of mid-century modern design, so I didn't want to go overly frou-frou and girly with it. That's why I brought in the wood chargers and slate paper goods. They both mentioned that they do not like traditional flowers or floral arrangements at all, and they they wanted to incorporate Bells of Ireland. I love that because again it keeps things from edging into the too soft and feminine category. I thought it would be cool to do a living wall of overgrown greenery just kind of cascading down in beautiful disarray. 

I like this mood board. They didn't pick it, but I liked the one that they picked even more, so I can't wait to execute it and show you the results!

Eclectic Fairytale mood board for a romantic, yet balanced wedding on Event 29.


This is a mixture of clean lines with free flowing organic shapes, feminine blush tones with rugged denim blues.


pretty, whimsical, free flowing, organic, relaxed, airy, soft


a living wall, non-traditional floral arrangements


rosegold and blush mixed with denim blues, bells of Ireland, copper, script fonts, woods

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