Black and White Bridal Shower Ideas & Inspiration

black and white.png

Sometimes bridal shower don't need themes to make a bold statement. You can pack a lot of visual punch into a bridal shower just by picking a really bold color palette and sticking with it for you invitations, decor, and favors. If you consistently carry a strong palette like this black and white one, the palette can become the theme and can really come across as very refined, modern, and elegant to your guests. Black and white is of course one of the easiest palettes to use this styling trick with because it's super easy to find whatever you need in black and white, and you don't have to worry about matching specific shades of anything. Check out the palette below, and let me know what you think (click on a picture to learn more about an item).

What do you think? Black and white - love it or hate it? Leave a comment below!

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