3 Ways to Customize Your Wedding to Your Style

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Photo By Dusty Segretto

Just a few years ago customizing your big day often meant little more than choosing two colors to use everywhere. Now thanks to websites like Pinterest brides are finding that there are an infinite number of ways to say, "I do" in style. There's no right or wrong way to tie the knot, and you can design your day to be as beautiful and unique as your love story. Here's a few tips on getting figuring out your personal wedding style:

1. Tell your love story. Remember when you and your fiancé first met? Remember the first time you kissed? The first trip that you took together? Think about how you can tell your story with your décor.

2. Have fun. Think about what you and your SO do for fun. Are the two of you outdoorsyMovie buffsWine connoisseurs? Think about ways to incorporate what you're passionate about into your wedding.

3. Think outside the ballroom The good news is that there are many ballrooms that make for beautiful wedding venues. And the other good news is (sorry there is no bad news) if you're not a ballroom-type couple there are many venues in the area that are far from the traditional ball room setting. Think about getting married at a theatre, in a barnsomewhere with some history, or even a backyard. Yes, you can totally get married in a backyard - just make sure you have all of the appropriate accommodations.

The point is that when it comes to designing your day you hold all of the answers! But, if you need still need someone to help you put it all together to make it look and feel like you imagine I'm here to help!