Inspiration for Your Woodland Wedding Palette

Woodland Wedding Palette.jpg

2014 is going to be the year of woodland weddings, and I love it! It’s definitely my favorite trend of the New Year. When I think woodland wedding I think organic, lush, gnarly, and untamed. I imagine moss, ferns and vines creeping and sprouting up in unexpected places. Nature makes her own floral arrangements, and they are unfussy, and minimalistic at times. The beauty of a woodland wedding is that it provides an opportunity to emphasize the beauty of the imperfect. The style focuses on what occurs naturally without being contrived or arranged. 

This palette was inspired by the summer I spent hand building a tiny cabin out of recycled materials in a secluded spot in the woods. The emerald and mint green are based on the saturated greens of summer, the grays on the sediments of the earth, and the cool tan on the reclaimed wood of a dilapidated tobacco barn on the property. 

A woodland wedding palette of fresh mint, lush green, rooted in slate, complimented with barn wood and limestone.

There are as many different beautiful elements in nature to draw inspiration from, as there are unique love stories and couples. The exciting thing about planning a woodland wedding is that there's not one palette or one vision that's right. I love to take a concept or trend and try to find an unexpected approach to it. 

What comes to mind when you think of a woodland wedding? Share your thoughts with me, and I'll post them as palettes on my blog! 

This is my first Woodland Wedding Palette, but with so many possibilities it will not be my last! Check back often for more woodland wedding inspiration, or sign up to receive updates in your inbox here!