Vendor Insider Series: Megan Wright Design Co.


Megan Wright of Megan Wright Design Co. is one of my favorite stationery designers, and she also happens to be a good friend. She agreed to give us a look behind the scenes of her business and divulged some great tips on what, when, and how to buy custom paper goods.

Megan Wright, Stationery Designer Photo by Jen & Chris Creed | Photographers

Megan Wright Design Co. is an online stationery boutique and design studio offering beautifully styled custom paper goods with a focus on wedding invitation design, stationery and personalized gifts.

What makes Megan Wright Design Co. different?

I believe in happy endings and celebrating life-changing moments in style. My mission is to create original paper keepsakes that tell a story with passion and purpose. I really value the relationships I form with each and every client, and my goal is to walk her seamlessly through the design process. To me, a fabulous invitation is not just a pretty piece of paper; it’s the joy that my client walks away with at the end of the day.

How would you describe your style?

I’d say both timelessly elegant, and a little whimsical with a touch of vintage charm. My invitations feature bold type treatment and gorgeous color palettes paired with fresh patterns and ornate accents.

Custom Invitations by Megan Wright Design Co.

What inspires you?

My son’s laughter, my wonderful husband, long talks with my sweet mama, and my faith are constant sources of inspiration in my life. I love a good cup of coffee, pink peonies, coral lipstick, pretty typography, vintage books, and southern hospitality.

What stationery trends are you loving right now?

I LOVE gold foil because you can work it into so many styles of invitations, and it always looks timeless and elegant. I’ve fallen head over heels for modern calligraphy on pretty colored envelopes.

Custom Invitations with a Touch of Vintage Charm

What are some of the benefits of working with a stationery designer to create a custom stationery suite?

A stationery designer will collaborate with a bride to really understand her style and ideas, and is able to bring her one-of-a-kind vision to life. When she’s working with a designer she’s able to request changes and make adjustments, so she ends up with a design that tells her story.

Another great benefit is that brides are able to create a cohesive look the entire wedding day. A designer can help a bride seamlessly weave her style through her wedding day with paper goods such as programs, menus, thank you cards, place cards and table numbers. A truly unique, personalized and hand crafted event is one that leaves guests with a lasting impression.

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Megan's Insider Tips 

Custom Invitations by Megan Wright Design Co.

"What tips can you recommend that you’d normally only share with a close friend?"

A lot of brides think ordering Save-the-Dates are a must. While I definitely love these little gems in the paper world, they aren’t a requirement. I like to tell my brides to send these papers pretties if she is having a destination wedding, a slew of out-of-town guests, or she just really, really wants to show off her engagement photos.

What is the timeframe for a custom wedding invitation project?

I advise a bride to contact me at least 6 to 8 months before her wedding to secure her date, and designs should begin at minimum 4 months before her big day. I’m able to rush orders, but it’s based on availability, and there is an additional fee, so I really advise brides to get those orders in early!

When should a bride mail her invitations?

It’s pretty standard to mail invitations out six to eight weeks before the wedding day. If there are a lot of out of town guests or it’s a destination wedding - send them out 10 weeks before.

"This can be such an expensive mistake!"

Can you give us some tips on how to figure out how many invitations to order?

I get this question a lot, and one of the biggest mistakes I see is a bride who requests 300 invitations when she really only needs 150. This can be such an expensive mistake! Order one invitation per household plus 10-15 extra invitations for those neighbors or coworkers she might forget to put on her guest list.

What types of printing processes do you offer?

I offer flat printing, also called digital, letterpress, offset and foil stamping.

Do you offer addressing or calligraphy service?

I have a favorite list of calligraphers that I work with for those that are interested! I can also provide digital calligraphy in black ink as a more economical option.

What’s the first step a bride should take to start working with you on her custom invitations?

Give me a shout at! For readymade designs that can be customized to wedding colors, she can head on over to my online shop.

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