12 Unique Ways to Incorporate World Bridal Shower Traditions Into Your Shower

Calling all bridal shower hostesses with international brides! It can be hard moving at any age, but especially to another country. Why not incorporate some sort of tradition from their home country into the shower that you’re throwing? Some countries don’t even have bridal showers at all, so their families (if they’re coming) might appreciate seeing something that is geared towards them.

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1. Give Jordan Almond Favors

If your bride hails from Italy you may want to serve Jordan almonds. These are supposed to represent the bittersweet nature of marriage. These would also make great favors for your guests to take home.

2. Serve Zuppa Inglese 

For the cake you could do a zuppa inglese which has chocolate and vanilla custards, tiers of pound cake and fresh berries, yum!


3. Keep it Traditional with Flourless Almond Cak & Baklava

Another country in the Mediterranean is Greece and their cake is traditionally a flourless almond cake filled with vanilla custard and fruit. You could also have some traditional Greek deserts such as baklava, Greek honey cakes, or sugared almond cookies.

4. Crown the Bride

In Greece the couple is made “king and queen” on their wedding day and often wear crowns. For the shower you could make or purchase a special crown for your bride to wear. 


5. Get Fruity

Hop over the pond to England and you’ll typically find fruit cakes which, if made correctly, can actually be delicious.

6. Literally Shower the Bride

A very interesting tradition in Scotland has you washing the bride’s feet at the shower. Usually the wedding ring of a happily married woman is put into the water and whoever finds it is supposed to be the next to get married.

7. Pass Out Shower Bells

However, I feel like this could get messy so you could just do what the Irish do and pass out bells to everyone to ward off evil spirits.


8. Get an Impostor

If your bride is from Japan, feel free to go all out with your cake, just make sure to use an impostor one. They typically bring out sheet cakes for the actual eating.

9. Make Origami

Typically during the wedding there are 1,001 gold origami cranes to symbolize luck, good fortune, longevity and peace to the marriage. This could be a super fun activity to incorporate in your shower so the bride doesn’t have to make all of those herself!


10. Grow Love with a Cedar Saplings and Ivy Wreaths

Have a bride from Bermuda? It’s a tradition to have a cedar sapling on top of the cake that represents the growing love of the couple. They can take it back to their house and it will grow with them. The cakes are also traditionally surrounded by an ivy wreath which could make for a fun activity for your shower.


11. Serve A Towering Croquembouche

French weddings usually have a towering croquembouche which is a pyramid shape of crème filled pastries slathered in caramel. I’m pretty sure all weddings should have one of these!

12. Host a Wild Board Sausage Brunch

In some areas it’s customary to serve wild boar for the wedding breakfast, so if you’re having a brunch shower you could have some wild boar sausage to serve up to guests.

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