How to Host a Candy Apple Bar Bridal Shower

Learn how to host a candy apple bar bridal shower on Showerbelle.

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Candy. Apples.

I know there are a ton of brides out there who love Halloween and want a beautiful and colorful fall wedding. What better thing to symbolize that time of the year then delicious candy apples?! Just like s’mores, there are multiple ways to incorporate candy apples into your bridal shower. You can go all out with a candy apple bar or send people home with mini ones wrapped in cellophane.

How to Set Up Your Candy Apple Bar

Thankfully, someone who is much smarter than me decided that it will be a lot less messy on your guests if you cut up your apples before people dip them. This is great for two reasons, the first one being they’re less messy. The second being that people can try out as many combinations of the toppings that you’ve set out as possible. You can set out a few different types of apples (although I think that Granny Smith’s work the best), but make sure to splash them with some lemon juice to keep them from becoming brown and mushy.

Selecting Your Toppings

The nice thing about apples is that they go with so many different flavors so you can pretty much have any type of sweet or salty topping that you want to go with for your bar. Venture out and maybe have some marshmallow fluff to dip the apples in along with your caramel and chocolate. Some yummy toppings include peanuts, coconut, mini marshmallows and graham cracker crumbs for a s’mores apple, toffee bits, sprinkles, and pretty much any cereal type that you can think of.

How to Give Candy Apples as Bridal Shower Favors

Now, if you love the idea of people making their own apples, but don’t want it to consume your shower, you can bring this out at the end and have people take their apples home as favors. This would also be good to use whole apples for presentation; they’re not going to eat them where you have to clean them up so bonus for you. You can also pre make the candy apples yourself, and package them in cellophane bags tied with pretty ribbon after they've set.

How to Serve Apples as a Dessert

If you’re the type who just doesn’t want a bar anything at your shower, you could do a dessert of apple nachos. There are plenty of combos just like there are with candy apples, but a favorite of mine are the Butterfinger ones. Just slice up your apples and drizzle them with caramel and marshmallow fluff. Top them with crushed up Butterfingers and some white chocolate chips and you’re good to go! You’ve got a delicious fall dessert without all the mess and extra time.

Now try not to go into a sugar coma trying out all of these delicious candy apple combos!