The Best Couples Wedding Shower Ideas That You Haven't Thought Of

The best couples shower activities on Showerbelle.

So you want to host a couple’s shower, but you don’t want everybody to be bored out of their mind? That’s where we come in my dear friends. We’ve got a few activities to keep everyone in a happy mood.

Booze It Up

In my first article, I mentioned that alcohol is pretty much a go for everyone, so have a wine themed shower with a wine tasting activity. Or, if wine isn’t your thing, bring in a mixologist to help you create a unique cocktail for the shower and then teach everyone how to make it. Both of these make for great bar themed showers and don’t make the presents too one-sided.

I went to party once with a piñata filled with mini bottles of bourbon, beef jerky, and ring pops. Those were the best party favors I’ve ever received.
— Gabrielle, editor

Make it a Fiesta with an Adult Piñata

Another super fun activity to go with our Bridal Shower Fiesta would be a piñata! You could fill it with candy, coupons, anything that you want and both guys and girls would love to get into that. Or if you wanted to be a little more risqué (not having any older family members around who wouldn’t approve) you could add little prizes like lube, or edible underwear. This would be a great activity for a bachelorette party as well.

Give Them Something to Brag About

Guys are (in my opinion) usually pretty competitive, so you could have a trivia game. It could be themed towards the bride and groom, or wedding knowledge in general. You can partner people up, have groups, or have it be individual. Both genders would get pretty into this, and it’s easy to know who to give prizes to, just make sure you have some that both guys and gals would like (iTunes gift cards, movie tickets, etc.).

Let Them Do What They Really Want

…think finger foods like sliders or little cups of fries.

If your bride and groom are so inclined, you could have a video game competition – Mario Kart, Super Smash Brothers, things of that nature. It would help if you had a few TVs and game consoles and I’m pretty sure the guys would be more than ok lending you theirs for the evening. You could set it up tournament style and have everyone battle it out all night.

I would make sure for a tournament like this to keep the food easy to eat – think finger foods like sliders or little cups of fries. That way nobody is holding a massive plate of food they have to find a spot for next to their seat when it’s their turn to play. 

Make Unwrapping Gifts More Interesting

Since there will most likely be a lot more people at a couples shower than a regular shower, you’re going to have a lot more gifts to open. You could make this into a fun game by setting a timer for 10 minutes and once it goes off, the person’s gift that the bride and groom are opening can get a prize. It breaks up the monotony of this task which is nice.

Having a couples shower doesn’t have to be a daunting task – you can have a ton of fun with both the guys and the girls, and maybe even more so than at a traditional shower!