Refreshing Summer Gin Drink Recipes from Mint + Mirth

I know… it's unofficially summer. Feels so good, right?! I can't even wait to spend it sipping adult beverages and talking shit with my friends on patios. I'm not sure if 'method writing' is a thing, but I just want you to know that for the sake of journalism, and fully immersing myself in the field. I'm actually writing this from a patio that I'm currently drinking on. Yeah, you're welcome (and I'm sorry for the typos).

For real though, I know you're headed back to work, and you're back to juggling way too many different things. I just want to remind you to take a break from being super woman, bridesmaid, bestie, and relax every now and then.  

Our friends at Mint + Mirth have put together another fabulous cocktail recipe for us, and the amazing Abby Elvebak of ae creative and Amanda Long of Amanda Photographic styled it and shot it. You can check out the pics, and get the recipes below:

rosemary + gin drink recipes for summer on Showerbelle
gin drink recipes by Mint + Mirth on
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Make this drink:

Fill a glass with ice and drizzle one tablespoon of Bee Local honey over the ice. Squeeze half a lemon into glass and add two ounces of Aria Portland Dry Gin. Stir well, top with tonic, garnish with a sprig of rosemary, and enjoy!


Photographer:  Amanda Photographic//Event Designer: ae creative//Other: Mint and Mirth//

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