Glam Rock Bridal Shower Ideas + Professional Styling Tips

Due to the popularity of the Glam Rock Shower I featured a few weeks ago, I've put together this totally shoppable inspiration board to help you in hosting your own glam rock bridal shower.

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Styling a glam rock bridal shower means walking the thin line between 'glam' and 'chintzy'. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Focus your design on mostly solid colors, I recommend a palette of fuchsia, black, and gold and/or silver. 
  • Accent using black or charcoal gray lace or damask to keep your design from becoming too busy. Pink pattern is okay, but you have to be careful or your shower could end up looking a lot like an early 90's Barbie dream home.
  • Sparingly accent with animal prints that have a large repeat. Smaller patterns tend to get lost unless you're a few inches away, and since you're guests will be viewing the entire room, you want to think big picture, not small.
  • It's possible to keep glam rock classy, but to do this you'll want to mix in classic and chic elements like geometric glass vases and simple, but striking centerpieces.
  • Black lacquer is sleek and bold, and a little sexy. Feel free to go crazy with it.
  • As counterintuitive as it sounds, restraint is key with this theme. A few large statement pieces to articulate your theme is better than hundreds of little elements that might jumble and confuse your message. 
  • DO NOT under any circumstance buy out the damask section of anything and use it in every decorative element in your shower. Damask and pattern are fine, but remember to break up the pattern with some solid colors, so guests eyes have a place to rest.

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