How Being a Rebel Can Actually Make You Happier

Happiness is deliberate. Rebellion is a side effect. Click to read about how a simple question can change your whole wedding.

Happiness is deliberate. Rebellion is a side effect.

Suddenly, you’ll find that being intentional about what you do and why you do it has caused you to spurn tradition, and that you’re a rebel.

Happiness is deliberate, which to me means that if you're going to do something like host a bridal shower or plan a wedding you need to actually ask: Why am I doing this? And when your answer goes beyond the obvious to the real meaning behind an event you might find that you begin to think like a rebel. For example, if you stop thinking of the bridal shower that you're hosting as something you need to check off your list of maid of honor duties, and think of it as a opportunity to provide support and sisterhood to your best friend as she transitions into marriage, then you might suddenly see the whole idea of teepeeing her and playing "What's in Your Purse," as very arbitrary and ridiculous. You might even get the idea to forgo all of the silliness, and do something new and meaningful. Suddenly, you'll find that being intentional about what you do and why you do it has caused you to spurn tradition, and that you're a rebel. 

Right now there's a sort of grumbling, like the sounds of a beast that is slowly awakening, within the bridal industry. Brides are starting to ask why a lot more, and couples are starting to look at traditions as more of a buffet where they can pick and choose what's significant to them rather than be force fed all five courses without so much as a thought. Not only can you do what you want, but you should do what you want. 

A cool new resource for this type of thinking is Bridal Rebellion, a podcast hosted by Kira Hug. Kira interviews the most inspiring and subversive professionals in the bridal industry to get to the bottom of why, and then examines how we can become more deliberate in having fun. It's actually very exciting to listen to a lot of her guests because they're saying things that no one has said yet, and they're putting some really amazing stuff on the table. If you're non-traditional bride or a Showerbelle, I seriously suggest that you give it a listen so you can hear things like our friends at Ash + Light talking about strengthening sisterhood with dance parties, and Kira interviewing a bride with a big secret. It will get you all revved up to twist tradition.

Ultimately, there's something very liberating about being a rebel with a cause, something about being true to yourself that feels a lot like taking your bra off. And isn't that the true meaning of happiness?

- Gabrielle

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