How to Make Your Own Signature Mimosa in 6 Easy Steps

how to make a mimosa

As a cocktail traditionally served with brunch, mimosas are one of the few alcoholic beverages that somehow make drinking at 11 AM not only socially acceptable, but classy. And if you think about it like that you'll agree that we're essentially talking about a magical drink. But what gives the mimosa its powers? Two things: champagne + orange juice. It's the balanced breakfast drink of chic, sparkly champions. 

How to Make a Mimosa

There are a crazy number of ways to make super fancy-schmancy mimosas, but before you can walk, you must crawl. Meaning that if you want to modify a recipe, you first have to know it. Fortunately, it's insanely simple.

Here is the recipe for a traditional mimosa:

Mix 1 part orange juice (chilled) with 1 part champagne or sparkling wine (chilled), and stir.

Got that? Great. Now, let's get turn it up to 11.

How to Make a Personalized Mimosa

This turns mixing your mimosa into an opportunity to create your own signature cocktail, so experiment with lots of different fruits and juices. Also, I'm not sure if you know this or not, but it's actually impossible to be sad when you're mixing your own personalized cocktail for breakfast. Try it.

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1) Select a Fruit Garnish

Make the decision for what types of fruits you'll use at your grocery store, farmer's market, or wherever you get it because you'll want to select fruit that is ripe and in season so that it has the most beautiful color and flavor.

Muddle the fruit with a wooden muddler in the bottom of your champagne flute.

2) Select a Juice

You'll want to have both the traditional orange juice and more exotic juices like guava and passion fruit available, if you're setting up a mimosa bar for a bridal shower like we did for our bridal shower brunch shoot. You can really get creative with the types of juices you use. I've even seen, but not tried, recipes that use "Naked” brand smoothies instead of juice. Don't let the word, "juice," put a limit on your happiness. Whatever juices you select be sure to serve them chilled, and to keep their natural sweetness in mind. Often, even the, "no sugar added," juices are packed with sugar and need to be served with a semi-dry or dry champagne or sparkling wine to keep your mimosa from tasting like a pixie stick. 

Fill your glass halfway with juice. 

3) Splash in Some Champagne!

This is the second most fun step, and it's pretty straight forward: Fill your glass the rest of the way with champagne or sparkling wine.

4) Stir

I'm not going to explain this step.

5) Enjoy!

This is by far the most fun step!


Dress up your mimosas with cute paper straws and our adorable free printable straw flags!

Photos Courtesy of Seriously Sabrina Photography

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