Pretty Pink and Yellow Bridesmaid Gift Ideas Your Bridesmaids Will Thank You For

It's all about bridesmaids this week on Showerbelle. I like to think of bridesmaids as more of a posse or entourage than 'maids because that's way more badass, and I think it's actually more accurate. I mean think about it, your 'maids have your back. They're there through the happy tears to the THIS-IS-NOT-WHAT-I-ORDERED tears, and the subsequent regretful apology for acting like a maniac tears. They help bad choices regarding alcohol consumption seem like goods ones at your bachelorette party, and most importantly they hold your dress above your head so you can pee on your wedding day. Bridesmaids are some bad bitches, and that's why you should thank them in a way that doesn't suck. Seriously, do not phone in your bridesmaid gift shopping. Take care of your girls for taking care of you. 

I made a pretty collection of pink and yellow bridesmaids gifts for your consideration. BUT wait - stay tuned all week because I'll be bringing you even more great gift ideas for your five besties. Stick around and see what wonderful things I come up with, or take a break and sign-up for our newsletter and I'll send them to you. Your choice, but either way I hope to see you around!

Click on the pictures to learn more about the gift ideas: