How to Style a Rustic Woodland Bridal Shower

Woodland weddings are big this year, and I think it can sometimes be really cute when a bridal shower theme can match the wedding theme in a not-too-matchy-matchy kind of way. I'm not a girly girl when it comes to lots of pinks and delicate decor, and that's why I love the idea of a rustic woodland bridal shower.

I really liked how designer Chhavy Sinuon of Style this Shindig styled this woodland shower. The way she uses creeping moss throughout the design with bright pops of florals tucked in is very organic. This is a key concept to note for any woodland themed shower or wedding, so if you're a perfectionist who has to have symmetry this might actually make you go insane. But if you can appreciate the beauty of imperfection, and are looking for a more relaxed shower theme idea, then you should woodland it up. The buck motif is done so sweetly here that I can't help but love it. Sinuon is actually very clever about here wildlife groupings, and again I think that this is so perfect for the theme. 

There's a few other elements that I want to point out and they are the gold frames, the glass cloches and apothecary jars, and the exotic florals. These are not things you'd typically see in the forest, but they work brilliantly. They contrast with the rustic woodland elements, and the end result is a little bit of whimsy. And who doesn't love that?

This is my takeaway if you'd like to create your own woodland bridal shower:

  • let it flow, imperfection is perfection
  • group woodland creatures to create mini vignettes
  • contrast rustic elements with more refined elements to create whimsy
  • have fun - as long as there's cake everyone will be happy!


Photography by Lenna Vorn and Sitha Vorn | Styling and Florals by Chhavy Sinuon of Style this Shindig

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