10 Ways to Savor Summer: Your End of Summer Checklist

10 ways to savor summer: your end of summer checklist

Summer is winding down, but we still have few warm and sunny weekends left. If you didn't get to do all of the things you'd hoped this summer now is the time to squeeze in a little 'me time,' and savor the final days. Here is an end of summer checklist to inspire you:

  1. Sip cocktails on a patio with a friend
  2. Go to a farmer's market
  3. Take a weekend road trip with your bestie
  4. Have lunch and go thrifting
  5. Have an ice cream social
  6. Stay in bed and listen to the rain
  7. Host a backyard fiesta
  8. Make a mimosa
  9. Go glamping
  10. Become a tourist in your hometown

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