What to Serve at a Brunch Bridal Shower: Menus & Recipes

French Toast Strata with Raspberries from Ladies' Home Journal | Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus from Damn Delicious | Over-the-Top Mushroom Quiche from Food & Wine | Egg Biscuit Bakes from Dash of Savory | Roasted Peach Parfaits from Add a Pinch | Ham on Biscuits with Red-Eye Gravy from Better Homes and Gardens | Jam Straws from Oprah Magazine | Melon & Prosciutto Skewers from Simply Delicious 

What you may find when you search your soul for brunch foods

Let's get serious about brunch for like two-seconds so I can confess this: I've heard of brunch, enjoyed brunches from time to time, and have even publicly admitted to loving brunch, but when it came down to planning our bridal shower brunch photo shoot it occurred to me that as a hostess hosting a brunch that I did not know what to serve. Something involving eggs no doubt, and definitely (or hopefully) some sort of socially acceptable morning time alcoholic beverage, but what?! Oh, the shame of not knowing.

It turns out, if you do the same sort of soul searching that I've described above, that many of you will find that brunch has only been passively served to you, and you may have been too busy thoroughly enjoying it to think about what food items to involve should you one day decide to host your own brunch. And you may find that, sadly, now you have no idea what to serve. So, let's talk about what brunch is, and what's considered an appropriate brunch-time food.

Defining Brunch

It's that delicious meal that's not quite breakfast and not quite lunch, right? It's that Saturday or Sunday meal that's served later than McDonald's breakfast, but not so late that you can't take a nap afterwards and still wake up later to get some laundry done and spend a couple of hours dreading going to work on Monday morning. It's that magical meal that makes drinking at 11 AM totally legit and classy.

What time to Serve Brunch

I searched the internet for a definitive answer on when brunch should be served and what I found were varying answers, some of them quite forceful and angry. Brunch is supposed to be happy, so let's not get too gung ho about keeping specific hours, and let's say serve it anytime between 10 AMish and 2 PMish. 

Serve brunch anytime between 10 AMish and 2 PMish

What Types of Food to Serve at a Brunch

Brunch is this amazing concept because it was actually invented as a lazy meal for people who stayed up to damn late on Saturday nights. It's basically a combination of heavy and light breakfast and lunch foods. Historically, it's suggested that when you're serving brunch you want to start with the lighter foods and then work up to the heavier foods. Seems legit if you want to be fancy, but it also doesn't matter too much. Personally, if there is a brunch buffet with bread pudding on it I'm going to start with bread pudding, and if someone tries to stop me and make me eat a salad first I will fight them. So the point here is just let your heart guide you. Now, here's a list of commonly accepted brunch foods:

  • anything involving a biscuit
  • bacon, anything covered in bacon, and bacon-related food items such as prosciutto
  • roasted meats
  • cheese
  • jam and recipes involving jam
  • omelets or any recipe with the word egg in the title (as oppose to just an ingredient)
  • asparagus, for some reason
  • toast and french-toast-related food items
  • croissants
  • bagels
  • smoked salmon  
  • shrimp
  • sandwiches combining any of the previously mentioned ingredients
  • stratas, frittatas, and quiches
  • fresh fruits
  • yogurt
  • parfaits
  • grits
  • salads
  • and any pastry including bread pudding is completely acceptable
  • pancakes & waffles
  • donuts

What to Serve at a Brunch Bridal Shower

At a brunch bridal shower you'd be best picking 3-4 of the above aforementioned brunch foods and serving those. You don't want to break your budget or go insane trying to make too many gourmet dishes. Honestly, if you can involve bacon and a pastry you can really phone in the other 2 dishes because no one will notice. 

Examples of how to plan your bridal shower brunch menu

Brunch Menu No. 1

Brunch Menu No. 3


Brunch Menu No. 2

Brunch Menu No. 4

*Bonus points if you can serve any of these foods on a stick.

I hope I've accomplished my goal of eliminating any shame, confusion, or indecision involving what to serve at a brunch bridal shower through talking about my own brunch soul-searching, and by giving you some good ideas for menus and recipes. If you'd like to get more help planning your bridal, download our free bridal shower planning tool kit or hire the Showerbelle team to do it all for you!

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