Your Value

What sets Event 29 apart are my design skills and my creativity. I'm also somewhat skilled in entrepreneurship, and marketing. These are my strengths, but I find myself wearing a lot more hats, doing things that I'm not great at or wasting time on menial tasks due to my disorganization. For Event 29 to become an empire I need to focus on working smarter, not harder, and working on my business not in it. Day to day my focus is very small picture, but I absolutely have to learn how to start focusing on the big picture.

The value that you're bringing to Event 29 is far beyond the 10 hours that you'll work a week, and beyond anything I could have hoped for. I can tell that you're really invested in this position, and that you're ready to take ownership and make amazing things happen.

As Production Coordinator, you'll assist with event planning and execution, and organize workloads to deliver an exclusive client care experience. Your expertise in event coordination, project management, and office management will be indispensable, complimenting my weaknesses and making Event 29 that much more awesome. 

The goals I've set for your first 3 months are based on both Event 29's short term and long term goals. The beginning may be somewhat boring as you work through this massive packet of information that I've compiled for you, and begin organizing office operations and procedures. 

Week One - Orientation

July 13th - July 20th

  1. fill out new hire paperwork
  2. become acquainted with Event 29's history, mission, goals, services, and clients
  3. go over job duties, and goals
  4. arrange work schedule and communication plan
  5. setup and/or sign into accounts

Month One - Systemization

July 13th - July 31st

  1. go over current systems and accounts with me
  2. begin organizing office operations and procedures
    1. Help me create simplified workflows
    2. Design filing systems
    3. Help me create and use a calendar
    4. Help me block out my time
  3. Assist in general client services - mostly scheduling meetings

*My goal during this time will be to focus on getting organized and completely caught up with our current clients, and to learn the new systems that you create.*

Month Two - expansion blitz Phase I

August 1st - August 30th

  1. Calendar management

  2. Communicate the status of projects during weekly meetings and daily updates 

  3. Monitor daily workloads to ensure deadlines are met; adjust schedule to meet changing priorities and deadlines 

  4. Manage incoming inquiries, prepare contracts and proposals, handle invoicing, and welcoming new clients

*My goal during this time will be to begin transferring Event's 29's content on to the Showerbelle website, and merging the two businesses. I'll focus on heavily marketing Event 29's current services, and connecting with our current followers. I'll also begin brainstorming and researching a new revenue stream. We'll both be tracking sales goals and making adjustments to helps us reach our goal.*

Month Three - Production

September 1st - September 30th

  1. Assist with event planning and execution 

  2. Procure resources

  3. Communicate the status of all projects during weekly meetings and daily updates 

  4. Monitor daily workloads to ensure deadlines are met; adjust schedule to meet changing priorities and deadline 

*Our main focus during this time will be on executing the 2 events that are happening during this time period very well. Quick customer service and attention to details is important here.*