Event 29 is all about celebrating the beauty of your ever-changing journey. We hope to empower our clients to drink in the joys that surround them, and to savor these moments of love that will become the memories that last a lifetime.


Inspire Creativity & Adventure

Create Fun

Express Authentically

Learn New Skills & Teach Others

Deliver Insanely Good Service

Pursue Investments that Lead to Growth

Challenge Old Ways of Thinking

Be Mindful & Responsible

>>Values Worksheet<<


3 Months

  1. Do a really good job of executing the weddings that are already booked.
  2. Increase average monthly revenue from $1,009.43 per month to $4,037.72 per month by November 1st.
  3. Increase Production Coordinators hours.
  4. Develop one new revenue stream.

6 Months

  1. Build an audience of 1,000 followers on Instagram, and 500 on mailing list.
  2. Launch one new revenue stream.
  3. Increase average monthly revenue from $4,037.72 per month to $6,037.72 per month.

12 Months

  1. Increase average monthly revenue from $6,037.72 per month to $8,333.33 per month by August 2016 to begin generating an annual revenue of $100,000.
  2. Increase Production Coordinators hours and pay.
  3. Create 2 new revenue streams.
  4. Begin working with clients nationally.

Long Term

  1. Generate enough profit to quit my job and run Event 29 full-time.
  2. Build a 6 figure empire.
  3. Hire a full-time staff.
  4. Create enough passive revenue streams to enjoy 3 months of vacation time a year.
  5. Travel internationally to work with the most creative and fun clients.


Event 29's current product line strictly features services that leverage my time and skills for money. Unfortunately, my time and skills are limited, and this puts a limit on the amount of money that Event 29 can potentially make. In order to turn Event 29 into a scalable 6 figure empire that can support myself and a small full-time staff (including a well-paid Production Coordinator), it's important that we focus on the following things:

  1. Reinvesting time and money to grow the business.
  2. Creating multiple revenue streams, with the biggest focus on passive income
  3. Growing a loyal audience of our ideal clients to market new revenue streams to



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