Gabrielle Green | Founder, Creative Director

Gabrielle is the creative mind behind Event 29. She was put on earth to make things beautiful, come up with ideas and tell stories. She has a Bachelor of Fine Arts, and has worked in the events industry for over 4 years. Her favorite things are getting things done, good conversation, and cats. She also loves adventure, Airstreams, and Wes Anderson movies.

Katie Wendt | Production Coordinator

As the logic behind Event 29, Katie make ideas happen seamlessly. Katie's an organizer, scheduler, coordinator, and practical thinker with an inappropriate sense of humor. She has expertise in event coordination, project management, and office management. Recent accomplishments have included Tour Coordinator for Budweiser Made in America Tour and Office Management for video production agency, Banner Collective. She loves dogs and her fiancé, Tim.

Maggie | Production Assistant, Calligrapher

Maggie is a dedicated assistant and aspiring jane-of-all-trades who makes things happen. She's quick on her feet and loves being on on-site at events to do everything from setup and styling, to running last minute errands. As a talented calligrapher, she makes custom signs for our events and her Etsy shop. She loves travel, family, and beer.